(FAQ) MDaemon 11.x: Will I need to make any configuration changes prior to or immediately following

(FAQ) MDaemon 11.x: Will I need to make any configuration changes prior to or immediately following an upgrade to MDaemon 11 from an earlier version?

There are some differences in the way that MDaemon 11 works compared to previous versions. Some of these differences may require changes to e-mail clients prior to upgrading to MDaemon 11. There are some settings which will have to be reconfigured immediately following an upgrade to MDaemon 11. And finally, there are some differences which, while they likely will not require any configuration or procedural changes, one should be made aware of. Please review the following list.

Changes which should be made prior to upgrading to MDaemon 11:

  • MDaemon's POP and IMAP servers now require use of the full email address as login by default. If user's mail clients are configured to only use the mailbox value as login they will not be able to log into MDaemon with their POP/IMAP client until they change their mail client configuration to use full email address as login. If you wish to continue to allow mailbox only logins then you can disable a switch in Ctrl+O | System | 'POP/IMAP servers require full email address for authentication' (strongly NOT recommended as mailbox-only logins are ambiguous when MDaemon is serving multiple domains).
  • As part of its BlackBerry Internet Service integration (see below) MDaemon now requires all IMAP/POP sessions from BlackBerry users to use a full email address as IMAP and/or POP login when configuring their BlackBerry device to collect mail. This is necessary in order to achieve the level of integration we are shooting for. This might mean that some of your existing users will no longer be able to collect mail on their BlackBerry. This problem is solved by deleting and recreating the email profile on the BlackBerry device and being certain to use the full email address when configuring the username/login parameter.

Settings which should be examined immediately following an upgrade to MDaemon 11:

  • Attachment Linking has undergone a complete overhaul and its configuration has been reset to defaults as a result. All accounts previously subject to Attachment Linking in previous versions will now be setup to extract attachments to the FILES folder. So, you may need to manually reconfigure accounts that you want using Attachment Linking.
  • The default options for quota calculations have been reset. Check Ctrl+U | Quotas to make sure they are as you desire. The default for including Inbox sub-folders when calculating quotas has been changed from FALSE to TRUE.

The following are simply differences between MDaemon 11 and previous versions of MDaemon which do not require configuration or procedural changes, but one should still be aware of:

  • The updated WorldClient.dll now dynamically generates the robots.txt file in the WorldClient HTML directory to be explicit about which files should not be indexed unless the WorldClient.ini has the following in place: ModifyRobotsTxt=No under the [WebServer] section. Alternatively if the robots.txt file is read-only it will not be touched. Custom Logon.html files need to have the following meta tag inserted into their headers:
  • The Globe and Redline themes within WorldClient have been discontinued and are no longer being supported. Running MDaemon 11 for the first time will move the \Templates\ and \HTML\ folders for these two themes to \WorldClient\Old\. They can be safely deleted if you decide not to manually maintain these themes yourself.