Installing the Funambol SyncML client on a BlackBerry smartphone

This article explains how to install and configure your MDaemon account to synchronize your contacts, calendar and tasks using the latest Funambol SyncML client.

Note: You may only find the latest version of the Funambol client through the BlackBerry App World.  If you do not have the BlackBerry App World application installed on the BlackBerry device, you may find and install it by:

  1. Scroll to the Browser icon, and click on it
  2. Enter in the following URL http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/appworld/
  3. Click Download it Today 
  4. Click Download Now 
  5. Select the Language
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Download 
  8. The device will need to be restarted after the BlackBerry App World application has installed.

With the BlackBerry App World application installed:

  1. Launch BlackBerry App World from the BlackBerry device
  2. Perform a search for Funambol
  3. Click Download
  4. Enter the credentials for your BlackBerry ID.  If you don't have a BlackBerry ID, you'll need to register one at http://us.blackberry.com/id/

With the Funambol application installed:

  1. Open the Downloads folder
  2. Launch the Funambol BlackBerry Sync application
  3. Click LOGIN
  4. Put in the email address you use to log into WorldClient next to Username
  5. Put in the password you use to log into WorldClient next to Password
  6. Enter http://mail.example.com:3000/MDSyncML.dll next to Server Location, with 'mail.example.com' being the hostname of your MDaemon server, and '3000' for the WorldClient port, if required
  7. Click LOGIN
  8. Click the BlackBerry menu button
  9. Click Settings
  10. Scroll to Sync Contacts and change Remote Name to contacts
  11. Scroll to Sync Calendars and change Remote Name to calendar
  12. Scroll to Sync Tasks and change Remote Name to tasks
  13. Uncheck Notes
  14. Uncheck Pictures
  15. Uncheck Videos
  16. Uncheck Files
  17. Verify Two-way Sync is enabled next to Direction
  18. Click the BlackBerry menu button
  19. Click Save
  20. Click the BlackBerry menu button
  21. Click Sync All

Additional Comments

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