(FAQ) MDaemon 11.x: How do I stop ComAgent from automatically asking to download updates?

When ComAgent detects a newer version is available on the server, it prompts the user to upgrade. How do I disable this prompt?

On the MDaemon server, open Windows Explorer and follow these directions:

  1. Browse to the MDaemon\WorldClient directory
  2. Open the file Domains.ini in a text editor
  3. Look for the line DisableComAgentAutoUpdate=No
  4. Change No to Yes
  5. Save the file
  6. Restart WorldClient
    1. Open the MDaemon console
    2. Click Setup
    3. Click Web, Sync, and IM Services...
    4. Click the Restart WorldClient button
    5. Click OK

Additional Comments

The new version of ComAgent is still available by logging into WorldClient and going to the ComAgent section under Options.

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