(FAQ) Configuring Attachment Linking in MDaemon

This article explains how to use MDaemon's Attachment Linking option, which moves file attachments from incoming and outgoing messages to a location of your choosing, and replacing them with a web address the recipient can click on to retrieve the attachment.

Attachment linking is useful for cutting down on bandwidth used by not downloading large files via email, speeding up the delivery of messages to your users by making them much smaller, or accessing them on mobile devices which normally have limits on the size of email messages received.

To enable Attachment Linking, open the MDaemon console and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Setup menu
  2. Click Web, Sync, and IM Services...
  3. Click Attachment Linking, on the left
  4. Enable Attachment Linking
  5. Click Yes to automatically set all users' accounts to use attachment-linking, or click No to set each user up manually
  6. Click OK

Once Attachment Linking is enabled, you may access the following options:

  • Let WorldClient automatically manage Attachment Linking,

This option will set MDaemon to store all attachments for users in the folder \MDaemon\Attachments\$DOMAIN$\$USERNAME$, and insert a URL in messages with attachments pointing to the file's location. Unless you wish to setup a different location to store attachments (such as on a different drive or network share), or need to put in a special address pointing to WorldClient, use this option.

  • Manually configure Attachment Linking

This option will let you specify what location attachments should be stored at, and what URL to use to access WorldClient. It therefore enables the following options:

  • Attachment path

This is the location where incoming attachments will be stored. Mapped drives or SAN network paths can be used here if you wish to store attachments on a network share, but make sure MDaemon has access to the location in question. You may also use account macros like $MAILBOX$ or $DOMAIN$ if you wish, which you can learn more about in the MDaemon helpfile.

  • WorldClient URL

This is the exact URL to access WorldClient. You should not need to edit this unless the information is correct, but note WorldClient also needs access to the attachment path for Attachment Linking to work.

  • Delete attachments from disk when messages are deleted

This will automatically delete out any attachment that's associated with a message that is deleted from users' accounts, to save space.

Note that you should disable this option if users are using the POP3 protocol and are deleting messages from the server after they are downloaded, as that will remove the attachment from the server before users can access it.

Additional Comments

Attachment Linking is only available in MDaemon Pro.

Enabling Attachment Linking for your users who have their accounts integrated with a BlackBerry smartphone is a good idea, since the BIS server will automatically remove attachments and use their own version if there are any attachments on messages pushed to the device. This will help make sure the attachments stay on your server, rather than a remote location.