Verifying that your domain is set up with Alt-N's certification service

At this time, there is no email confirmation after your domain has been added to Alt-N's certification service. If you would like to verify that your domain has been added follow the procedure below.

You may check by using NSLOOKUP from command line. If Alt-N is vouching for your domain, you should get 'all' returned when you do the lookup.

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type: nslookup [enter]
  3. Type: set type=txt [enter]
  4. Type: <example.com>._vouch.vbr.emailcertification.org [enter]   (NOTE: In this step, 'example.com' would be your domain)
  5. You should see a result that looks like: Non-authoritative answer: ._vouch.vbr.emailcertification.org text = 'ALL'
  6. Type: exit [enter]
  7. Type: exit [enter]

Additional Comments

Make sure to wait 2-3 days to do this look up as it takes time for DNS changes to propagate.

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