How to backup and restore MDaemon

This article explains how to backup and restore backed up folders to MDaemon. 

Backup MDaemon
Backing up these folders is a simple as copying them and moving to a secure location.  Copying the entire \MDaemon directory would backup the entire server structure.  This would include users, domains, public folders, spam filter settings, archives, etc.  If only certain settings/data/configurations are required for backup, then these can be selected individually.  Listed below are examples of folder specific backups.

  1. MDaemon server configuration
    • \MDaemon\App
  2. MDaemon server configuration, user email/data, public folders, and archives (if running MDaemon 16 or higher)
    • \MDaemon\App
    • \MDaemon\Users 
    • \MDaemon\Public Folders
    • \MDaemon\Archives
  3. MDaemon server configuration, user email/data, public folders, archives (version 16 or above), and spam filter settings (including Bayesian knowledge)
    • \MDaemon\App
    • \MDaemon\Users 
    • \MDaemon\Public Folders
    • \MDaemon\Archives
    • \MDaemon\SpamAssassin

Other relevant MDaemon directories:

  1. \MDaemon\Backup - Contains server configurations/spam filter settings from last version upgraded
  2. \MDaemon\Data - Contains MDaemon ActiveSync settings and policies
  3. \MDaemon\Gateways - Contains MDaemon gateway information/data
  4. \MDaemon\Queues - Contains MDaemon default and custom queue structures
  5. \MDaemon\Signatures - Contains user signature files
  6. \MDaemon\StatsDB - Contains statistics database (used for MDaemon reporting)

Restore MDaemon

  1. Copy the desired backed up folder(s).
  2. Paste these folder(s) in the same directory on the MDaemon server.
  3. Install the same version of MDaemon as when the folder(s) were originally backed up.
    Click here to download older versions of MDaemon