Extending Your Software License or Increasing License Size

You have reached this page if you are attempting one of the following actions:

  1. You would like to renew your Software License by adding an additional amount of time to your coverage term, or
  2. You have maximized the number of accounts, mailing lists, or gateways available in your current version of MDaemon and would like to increase your user license size, or
  3. Trying to access a feature in your current version of MDaemon that is only available in MDaemon PRO

To upgrade your current version of MDaemon, enter your product key into the "Enter your registration key or trial key (if you have one)." field below.

  • Under "Select a purchase option (New, Renew, or Upgrade)." select one of the upgrade/renew options.

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MDaemon Email Server (version 18.0.1)

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The MDaemon download/install file now includes all former plug-ins which are now "licensed features" of MDaemon that require a separate license key.
The pricing listed is for use on an individual server deployed for an organization and is not intended for use commercially in a hosted environment, as expressed in the End User License Agreement (EULA). Note, this server license has a maximum of 30 domains.
If you are interested in hosting MDaemon email, visit our MDaemon for MSP/ISP Private Cloud page.

What Happens Once The Purchase Is Made?

You will receive your invoice via email, usually within a few minutes after placing an electronic order.

  • If it has been paid by credit card, your new registration key(s) will be included on this invoice.
  • If you have chosen Purchase Order, Check, or Wire Transfer an invoice will be sent via email, however no registration keys will be included at this time. When your physical payment has been received at our location we will apply the payment to your order and the new registration key(s) will be sent via email.

When you have received your registration key(s) please make certain to place your key(s) into your software.

Note: If you have email filtering in place, please add the domain help.mdaemon.com to your safe list to avoid the email being caught in your mail filtering system.

BES Integration for BlackBerry 7 (& under)

The BlackBerry® Plug-In gives free BES integration for BlackBerry 7 (& older) users, however it is not available in all markets. Please see the Version Availability by Territory page to determine which version is available in your market area.

BES Integration

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