SecurityPlus for MDaemon

SecurityPlus for MDaemon

SecurityPlus for MDaemon provides the next generation of antivirus and spam protection for the MDaemon mail server.

12-Months of Software License Renewal is included free with your purchase. Software License Renewal does not include Priority Technical Support - 6-month or one-year Support Agreements are available.

The current version of SecurityPlus for MDaemon is 4.1.5

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Upgrades and Renewals

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SecurityPlus 6 User$125.00
SecurityPlus 12 User$190.00
SecurityPlus 25 User$265.00
SecurityPlus 50 User$330.00
SecurityPlus 100 User$485.00
SecurityPlus 250 User$705.00
SecurityPlus 500 User$1,035.00
SecurityPlus 1000 User$1,365.00
SecurityPlus 6 User 2YR$212.50
SecurityPlus 12 User 2YR$323.00
SecurityPlus 25 User 2YR$450.50
SecurityPlus 50 User 2YR$561.00
SecurityPlus 100 User 2YR$824.50
SecurityPlus 250 User 2YR$1,198.50
SecurityPlus 500 User 2YR$1,759.50
SecurityPlus 1000 User 2YR$2,320.50

  • SecurityPlus for MDaemon does not work with MDaemon Lite (formerly MDaemon Standard) version.

What Happens Once The Purchase Is Made?

You will receive your invoice via email, usually within a few minutes after placing an electronic order.

  • If it has been paid by credit card, your new registration key(s) will be included on this invoice.
  • If you have chosen Purchase Order, Check, or Wire Transfer an invoice will be sent via email, however no registration keys will be included at this time. When your physical payment has been received at our location we will apply the payment to your order and the new registration key(s) will be sent via email.

When you have received your registration key(s) please make certain to place your key(s) into your software.

Note: If you have email filtering in place, please add the domain to your safe list to avoid the email being caught in your mail filtering system.