SecurityGateway for Email Servers

  • Easy Administration
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • User Quarantine Reports
  • DLP & Custom Rule Filters
  • And Many More Features...

The current version of SecurityGateway for Email Servers is 5.0.0

"SecurityGateway is under half the cost of Barracuda Virtual Firewall and has a higher catch rate. Barracuda in real time and manual testing has let in twice as much as SecurityGateway did."

Graeme Batsman,

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The SecurityGateway for Email Servers Advantage

SecurityGateway for Email Servers offers many advantages:

Accurate Detection

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - AntiVirus

With multiple analysis tools for separating threats from legitimate email, SecurityGateway leverages the best proven antispam, antivirus, antiphishing, and antispoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results.

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Data Leak Prevention

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention

In addition to inbound mail traffic filtering, SecurityGateway also filters outbound email. An easy-to-use interface allows policies to be created which detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information outside of your network.

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Powerful Filtering Engine For Email Servers

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Block Preset File Types

SecurityGateway's powerful filtering engine is based upon the industry standard Sieve mail filtering language. Administrators can extend its functionality by using their own Sieve scripts.

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Defense Layer Customization

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Defense Layer Customization

A unique SecurityGateway control method that allows email administrators the flexibility to prioritize the order of operations in which a specific security rule will execute when analyzing incoming or outgoing email traffic.

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Comprehensive Reporting

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Reports Summary

SecurityGateway's comprehensive reporting features allow administrators to identify email traffic patterns and potential problems. All reports support point-and-click drill-down targeting, allowing further analysis to be performed.

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Easy Administration

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Dashboard

The intuitive, task oriented interface allows already overworked administrators to perform common actions with minimal effort. Administrative responsibilities can be delegated to a domain administrator. End users are empowered to determine the fate of a message without the need to contact the administrator.

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Investment Protection

Receive free upgrades to the latest product versions for the duration of the subscription term.

SecurityGateway for Email Servers offers easy administration, powerful filtering, and accurate results. To see for yourself, put it to the test with a free trial, Or simply buy now.