SyncML Setup for Symbian Phones

Symbian phones come with a SyncML client so it's not necessary to install software on these devices. You only need to setup a synchronization profile. This may vary by phone.

To setup the synchronization profile do the following:

  1. From the desktop select Extra > Synchronization
  2. Press the Menu button and select New
  3. If the system asks you to copy data from the selected profile answer no
  4. For the profile name enter MDaemon and press Continue
  5. Select connection type Internet, the Internet access point, and press continue
  6. Enter the following settings
    • Host: http://Enter the URL for your Webmail server/MDSyncML.dll
    • Port: Port used by Webmail (default = 3000)
    • Username: Your MDaemon user name
    • Password: Your MDaemon password
  7. Press continue
  8. Turn contacts on
  9. Turn calendar on
  10. Turn email off
  11. Press next
  12. Enter contacts for the external contacts database and press Continue
  13. Enter calendar for the external calendar database and press Continue
  14. Set this profile as the default profile if you like and press Continue

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