Introducing MDaemon 17.5

Like all MDaemon releases, the developers at MDaemon Technologies continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the MDaemon Email Server Release Notes.

MDaemon 17.5

Email Server - Complex IMAP Filters

MDaemon - Email Server - Account IMAP Filters

The IMAP filters found within the account editor for each account have been expanded. With complex IMAP filters, administrators can set multiple filtering parameters based on the message size or the contents of any message header, and perform actions such as moving, deleting, forwarding, or redirecting the message.

Email Server - Attachment Support for Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes

MDaemon - Email Server - Calendar Meeting Attachment

Attachments can now be added to Calendar items, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes via Webmail, Outlook Connector, or your favorite CalDAV or CardDAV client. When scheduling a meeting, attachments added to calendar events will be sent to all meeting attendees.

Email Server - Control Outlook Add-Ins for Outlook Connector Users

MDaemon - Email Server - Outlook Connector Add-In Settings

Administrators can now choose which Outlook add-ins are allowed or disabled for Outlook Connector users via a new configuration screen located under the Setup | Outlook Connector menu in MDaemon. This feature requires Outlook Connector 5.0 or newer. Please see the MDaemon release notes for more information.

Email Security - Location Screening

MDaemon - Email Security - Location Screening

New Location Screening settings allow administrators to block incoming SMTP, POP, and IMAP connections from designated countries. This benefits businesses by allowing them to block messages from countries with which they do not do business, and provides an extra layer of spam protection when certain countries are known sources of spam.

Email Security - Dynamic Authentication Failure Screening

MDaemon - Email Security - Dynamic Authentication Failure Screening

MDaemon's new Dynamic Screening features can be configured to track authentication failures for all protocols, including SMTP, POP, IMAP, Webmail, and ActiveSync (among others). After receiving a specified number of failed authentication attempts from a given IP address in a designated period of time, subsequent connections from the IP are blocked for a specified period of time.

Note: Existing features previously located under the Dynamic Screening configuration screen have been moved to Security | Security Settings | SMTP Screen.

Email Encryption - Automated Encryption Key Exchange

MDaemon - Email Encryption - Automated Encryption Key Exchange

An option has been added that allows the process of exchanging public keys for OpenPGP to take place during the SMTP message delivery process. When this feature is enabled, authorized users will no longer need to manually send their public key to another user from whom they wish to receive encrypted email. More information on this new process can be found in the MDaemon release notes.

Remote Administration - Message Search

MDaemon - Remote Administration - Message Search

A new Message Search page has been added to MDaemon Remote Administration, allowing administrators to search a single user's messages based on keywords in the sender, recipient, subject, or attachment name. Searches can be performed on all messages, or only messages within a specified date range.

Webmail - Complex Filters

MDaemon Webmail - Complex Filters

Complex filters have been added to Webmail, MDaemon's web-based email client, allowing users to specify filtering rules based on the message size or any message header. Messages meeting a filter's criteria can be moved to another folder, deleted, forwarded, or redirected.

Webmail - Import & Export Groups/Distribution Lists To/From a Contact Folder

MDaemon Webmail - Import Contact Groups

Webmail users can now import and export groups/distribution lists to & from their Contacts folders.

Webmail - Voice Recorder

MDaemon Webmail - Voice Recorder

Webmail's new voice recorder allows users to record voice memos and attach them to email messages, save them to their Webmail Documents folder, or save them to the desktop.

Webmail - New Folder Management Features

MDaemon Webmail - Folder Management

Webmail users can now perform the following folder management tasks without having to go to the Options | Folders menu

  • Move folders from one parent folder to another via drag & drop.
  • Add folders to Favorites via drag & drop.
  • Rename folders in the Favorites list by clicking on the folder name. Show folders by type in the "LookOut" theme (previously only available in the "WorldClient" theme).

Webmail - Export a Contact in vCard 4.0 Format

MDaemon Webmail - Export Contact vCard

Webmail users can now export individual contacts in VCard format, a file format standard for electronic business cards supported by a wide variety of email clients. VCards contain various details about a contact, including name, company name, email address, postal address, phone number, and additional comments. They can be downloaded locally or sent to a designated email address, and then imported into any email client that supports the VCard format.

Instant Messenger - Buddy List Grouping

MDaemon - Instant Messenger - Buddy List Grouping

Instant Messenger users can now arrange their buddy lists into custom groups.

Instant Messenger - Password Protected Chat Rooms

MDaemon - Instant Messenger - Password Protected Chat Rooms

For added security, Instant Messenger users can now chat with others via password protected chat rooms. When creating a new chat room via the Instant Messenger application, simply enter the password that is required to join in the new Password field.

Other Improvements

  • By default, messages that cannot be scanned by SecurityPlus are quarantined. The antivirus quarantine exclusion settings have been improved. In previous versions, administrators could configure exclusions from antivirus scanning based on attachment file type. Now, administrators can also configure antivirus scanning exclusions based on the sender or recipient address.
  • When using the "LookOut" and "WorldClient" themes, Webmail users can now reorder favorite folders by dragging and dropping them in the favorites list.
  • When using the "WorldClient" theme, the look of Notes has been updated. An option was added that allows users to change the color of the note by clicking on the note icon in the top left corner of the note.
  • When using the "LookOut" and "WorldClient" themes, Webmail users can now search for attachment names using advanced search.

MDaemon 17

New Password Security

MDaemon - Email Security - Store Passwords using Non-Reversible Encryption

An option has been added to store mailbox passwords using non-reversible encryption. This protects the passwords from being decrypted by MDaemon, the administrator, or a possible attacker.

Analyze MDaemon's Security Settings

MDaemon - Email Server - Health Check Utility

MDaemon's new health check utility will analyze all security-related settings and display a report of each feature that is not configured with the recommended setting. This report includes the name of the feature, the current setting for that feature, its recommended setting, and the GUI path to the setting. Administrators can select an entry in the report and click on "Set To Recommended" to re-configure the selected feature with the recommended setting, or by holding down CTRL or SHIFT, multiple items can be selected and re-configured simultaneously.

Access to Free Certificates

MDaemon - Email Server - Support for Let's Encrypt

MDaemon now supports "Let's Encrypt," a certificate authority service that uses an automated process to provide free certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for secure websites

Improved Message Search in Remote Administration

MDaemon - Remote Administration - Advanced Queue Search

Each message queue now includes a search function that allows administrators to filter messages in the queue by sender, recipient, subject, and various other headers. Wildcards can be used in search queries for a broader search scope.

Easily Connect to Dropbox

MDaemon Webmail - Dropbox Support

Webmail users can save message attachments directly to their Dropbox accounts and attach files directly from Dropbox when composing a message.

Convenient Message Scheduling

MDaemon Webmail - Message Scheduling|Send Later

Webmail users now have the option of sending a message at a later date and time. This feature is located under the Advanced button in the message compose window. Simply select the desired date and time in the new drop-down menus, and then click on Send. For more information on how to enable this feature, please see the MDaemon release notes.

Advanced Webmail Search Features

MDaemon Webmail - Advanced Webmail Search

Webmail's advanced search options now include the ability to search all mail folders, or all sub-folders.

Flexible Calendar Sharing Options

MDaemon Webmail - Calendar Sharing

New options have been added to make it easier to send and receive calendar data in Webmail.

Users who wish to share their calendar data with external users who are using third-party mail clients can now share a read-only copy of their calendar with any client that supports the iCalendar/Webcal format. A new read-only, private URL has been added to the "Share Folder" screen in Webmail. This URL can be shared with anyone for whom you wish to grant access to your calendar. This allows a calendar to be viewed and subscribed to in Outlook, Google Calendar, Mac iCal, and other applications.

Easily Share Contacts with Other Email Clients

MDaemon Webmail - Contact Sharing

When using the "LookOut" or "WorldClient" themes, Webmail users can now import vCards (.vcf files) into their default contacts folder. vCards enable users to send and receive contact information in a format that can be easily read in other email programs. A vCard may contain a contact's name, title, phone number, email address, mailing address, and other information.

Multiple Email Signatures

MDaemon Webmail - Multiple Email Signatures

Webmail now supports multiple email signatures. This is useful in situations where a user has additional aliases for his account, such as, etc. A default signature can be assigned to the user's primary email address and to each alias. When composing a message, users can use the default signature assigned to the email address (or alias) currently used, or choose from among their other signatures via the Advanced button in the message Compose window.

Enhanced Event & Task Reminders

MDaemon Webmail - Desktop Notifications for Events and Task

Desktop notifications are now available for Webmail tasks and events. When a reminder is configured for an event or task, a pop-up window will display to alert the user.

Allow Embedded Images from Trusted Senders

MDaemon Webmail - Allow Embedded Images from Trusted Senders

Inline images in email messages are often used by spammers and marketers to determine whether or not you've opened an email. This also tells them whether the email was delivered successfully and whether the destination email address was valid. For this reason, inline images in email messages are often blocked. To allow inline images from trusted sources without additional user interaction, an option was added to allow inline images in messages from whitelisted senders and contacts from a user's default contacts folder.

Other Improvements

  • The ActiveSync Migration Client now supports the ability to select which folder types to migrate.
  • A new content filter option has been added which will quarantine the entire message when it contains a restricted attachment.
  • The Retry Queue configuration screen has a new checkbox which enables sending of a "successful delivery" DSN (delivery status notification message) any time a message is delivered which has previously been delayed and placed in the retry queue for whatever reason.
  • Options have been added to the Outlook Connector centralized management for local cache filename and attachments directory.