Introducing MDaemon 16.5

Like all MDaemon releases, the developers at Alt-N continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the MDaemon Messaging Server Release Notes.

MDaemon 16.5

Centralized Management of Outlook Users

MDaemon - Email Server - Outlook Connector Users

Outlook Connector client settings such as host names, SSL and port settings, and other preferences can now be stored centrally in MDaemon and pushed out to clients. When a new Outlook Connector profile is created, only the username and password are needed. All other settings are retrieved from MDaemon with the click of a button.

Unique Public Key Management for Encryption Security Control

MDaemon - Email Encryption - Public Key Management

WorldClient now has a unique setting that allows it to be used as basic public key server. When this feature is enabled, WorldClient will honor requests for your users' public keys using a specially formatted URL. Additionally, MDaemon's OpenPGP feature now supports collection of public keys over DNS. This helps to automate the process of exchanging encryption keys. For more specific details, please see the MDaemon release notes.

Automatic Product Updates

MDaemon - Email Server - Automatic Updates

The new Automatic Updates feature will notify the postmaster when new product updates are available for MDaemon (and optionally SecurityPlus and Outlook Connector, when they are installed). These updates can be automatically downloaded and installed at a designated time. 2 AM local time is the default time that these updates take place.

Easily Identify Trusted Email & Confirm Message Authenticity to Prevent Spearphishing

MDaemon - Email Server - OpenPGP

MDaemon's OpenPGP features can now verify embedded signatures found within messages. This helps the recipient ensure that the message is authentic. WorldClient will display an icon or text label for verified messages. WorldClient will also display labels for messages with valid DKIM signatures, messages decrypted by OpenPGP, and messages signed with an OpenPGP key.

Easier Inbox Management

MDaemon - WorldClient - Categories

WorldClient (LookOut and WorldClient themes ) has new category selections for easy sorting and identification of email messages. Messages can be sorted by category, and multiple categories can be assigned to a message. Authorized users can create their own custom categories in addition to using the built-in categories.

Connect with most IM Clients

MDaemon - WorldClient Instant Messenger - Third-Party Chat

MDaemon 16.5 includes two separate chat systems. In addition to WorldClient Instant Messenger, users can now chat with each other using their favorite third-party chat (XMPP) client. With the addition of this feature, users now have the flexibility to chat from any device with a compatible XMPP client, including mobile devices.

There are many XMPP clients to choose from, including Trillian (Windows), Adium (Mac OSX), and Mozilla Thunderbird (Linux, OSX, Windows). A list of XMPP clients can be found here: Features may vary depending on which XMPP client is used. Click here for WorldClient Instant Messenger's features.

Other Improvements

  • Additional SMTP authentication settings.
  • Modification of “From” header as additional protection from spoofing.
  • Administrators can now import lists of IPs to the IP Screening feature.

MDaemon 16

Flexible Email Account Migration Tool

MDaemon - Email Server - ActiveSync Migration Client

An ActiveSync migration app is available along with MDaemon's original MDMigrator, which allows administrators to migrate data from Microsoft Exchange Server. The ActiveSync Migration Client for MDaemon provides improved migration support for administrators by easily migrating email, calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts from any mail server that supports ActiveSync protocol version 14.1.

Spambot Detection

MDaemon - Email Server - Spambot Detection

MDaemon's Spambot Detection feature tracks the originating IP address from which every return-path value (sender) uses over a period of time. If the same return-path is used by multiple IP addresses (more than can normally be expected) within a given period of time, then this typically indicates a possible spambot network is being used. When a spambot is detected, the connection is dropped and the sending address can optionally be blacklisted for a designated period of time.

New Contact Synchronization Support [CardDAV]

MDaemon - Email Server - CalDAV / CardDAV

Users can synchronize their contacts with their favorite mobile device or other mail client using the CardDAV protocol. Notable CardDAV clients are Apple Address Book (included with Mac OS X), Apple iOS (iPhone), and Mozilla Thunderbird via the SOGO plugin.

Improved WorldClient Web-based Email Security

MDaemon - WorldClient - Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

WorldClient has added Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) to make users more secure when strong passwords may not have been implemented. WorldClient users who enable Two-Factor Authentication will be required to enter a verification code before they can have a logged in session. This feature can be used with any client that supports Google Authenticator (available in the Google Play store).

Remote Administration on Mobile Devices

MDaemon's browser-based Remote Administration application has been updated with a more dynamic design that automatically adjusts information based on the size of the screen used – whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or PC.

Improved API for Complimentary Applications

MDaemon now includes an XML API which allows third-party developers to integrate complimentary applications (such as CPanel, etc.) with MDaemon. The API allows for the retrieval of information from MDaemon, including lists, accounts, domains, and more, and also provides the ability to make configuration changes.