Helping Fellow Businesses Impacted by Harvey and Irma

Alt-N Technologies is a North Texas-based developer of email and email security products that has been serving small-to-medium business customers for over 20 years. While there are many ways to assist individuals, we want to do our part to help fellow small-medium businesses that may experience email problems due to the impact of Harvey and Irma.

If your business email server or system is not working, Alt-N Technologies can offer the following to help:

  • Free email hosting using your existing domain. Domains can be temporarily re-routed to our email service for immediate email continuity.
  • Free temporary email accounts on our hosted web mail platform. Example (

Migration options for existing email data requires additional assessment and may not be possible on a short-term or temporary basis. We will, however, do our best to accommodate all situations. Please submit your information or call us to discuss.

US toll free: 1-866-601-2586

Please submit your information below and a member of our hosted email team will promptly respond to answer your questions and provide pricing.

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