Mainpine® RockForce™ Fax Boards Supported by Alt-N Technologies® RelayFax™
Popular Fax Server Communications Software Certified for RockForce Intelligent Fax Card Line -- Giving Budget Modem Users a Powerful, Reliable and Secure Fax Hardware Alternative at an Affordable Price

PORTLAND, Oregon -- February 28, 2006 -- Mainpine® Inc., a leading industry innovator in the global intelligent fax hardware arena, and Alt-N Technologies, a developer of affordable, Internet-enabled server applications, today announced support for the RockForce™ intelligent fax board product line. Through rigorous stress testing conducted over several weeks, Mainpine has certified that Alt-N Technologies’ RelayFax client/server application is interoperable with the RockForce line of intelligent fax cards.

Focused on the medium and small business communities with few or no trained IT personnel, RelayFax integrates the sending and receiving of facsimiles with almost any email server. It works best with MDaemon™, Alt-N Technologies flagship email server application. Additionally, recently announced product highlights for RelayFax 6.7 include global scheduling configuration, groupware address book support for MDaemon, changes to DTMF processing and other fax handling options.

"We are excited to offer our valued channel partners, distributors, and customers the option to utilize Mainpine RockForce fax boards. Alt-N Technologies’ hallmark has always been to provide high-performance communications at an affordable price," said Arvel Hathcock, president of Alt-N Technologies. "Performance and reliability do not have to be sacrificed as they are with generic modems. The RockForce fax board series provides an exceptional price to performance value for any sized organization."

"We are extremely pleased to be able to add Alt-N Technologies’ RelayFax solution to our list of certified ISVs that integrate with our RockForce™ intelligent fax card product line," said Kevin Sharpe, president and CEO of Mainpine, Inc. "Fax hardware plays a crucial role in the sending and receiving of business documents. RelayFax has an excellent reputation in the fax communications arena and the RockForce / RelayFax combination ensures even faster, more secure and reliable fax transmissions."

RelayFax is RockForce Certified

Mainpine demands its line of fax boards perform exceptionally well with fax software applications like RelayFax which is why the company has built a state-of-the-art lab facility to provide expert performance and interoperability testing. The lab is complete with over 50 different fax machines, MFP (multi-function devices) and workstations as well as an array of various network configurations. Software applications go through high-volume stress testing that includes broadcasts using single and multi-page industry standard fax images. Programs are tested for reliability, speed and performance on the send and receive side from various V.29 (9600 Kbps), V.17 (14.4 Kbps) and V.34 (33.6 Kbps) fax devices.

RelayFax passed all stress tests conducted in the Mainpine Lab. Click here to download copy of the certification report.

About Mainpine, Inc.

For nearly a decade, Mainpine has been an industry innovator in the global fax hardware arena. The company has built a worldwide reputation for its line of reliable, intelligent RockForce™ fax cards that offer an affordable option to traditional expensive fax board alternatives. Along the way the company has introduced a number of innovative technologies, including Smart Port™ and Security Serialization™, that focus on delivering fax communications even smarter, faster and more securely and reliably than ever. Mainpine’s RockForce series product line is sold through more than 40 regional, national, and international distributors and is available through hundreds of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information visit, call (971) 223-3684 or email

About Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.

Alt-N Technologies specializes in developing communications software for Internet, Intranet, WAN and LAN applications. The company produces MDaemon, Outlook Connector to enable Microsoft Outlook sharing through MDaemon, AntiVirus for MDaemon and RelayFax facsimile server. All products come with professional features and beginner-level ease of use and are sold and supported through a network of exclusive distributors and resellers. Alt-N Technologies is a privately-held entity headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. For more information visit, call (817) 601-3222 or email


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