MDaemon 9.0 Boasts Performance Gains, Integrated Free/Busy and SyncML Servers, Active Directory Monitoring, Improved Mobile Support, Fully Integrated Web Administration, and more...

Grapevine, Texas - February 1, 2006 - Planned for release during April 2006, the MDaemon 9.0 email server will include major performance and feature enhancements.

Improvements include a significant speed increase to the message processing core and IMAP server features, a free/busy server capable of serving Outlook and MDaemons own groupware users, a SyncML server suitable for use with any SyncML capable mobile or desktop PIM device or software, groupware folder support for the Pocket PC, Active Directory monitoring to centralize account management, fully integrated web administration, and support for the most current version of DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Many other advancements, improvements, and changes are also included.

Currently in beta testing, MDaemon 9.0 is scheduled for release during April 2006. Information on participating in beta testing and a complete list of all changes are available from the Alt-N web site at


Pre-release users of MDaemon 9.0 have already noted its amazing performance and improved features when compared to MDaemon 7 or 8. According to one user, "If you want to have an idea of the incredible improvements in MDaemon, simply upgrade from version 7 or 8 to MDaemon 9.0. The speeds in both processing and WorldClient are incredible. Active Directory works like a dream right out of the box. What a terrific job. This brings MDaemon to MS Exchange-killer status."

The speed boost results from high-performance multi-threading and significant design improvements to the IMAP, Content Filter, AntiSpam and AntiVirus servers. In addition, AntiSpam now operates as a daemon running as a separate process and capable of running on a separate computer, if desired.

AntiSpam now runs as a separate process


The free/busy server in MDaemon 9.0 allows MDaemon and Outlook users to query free/busy information so users can see each others' availability when scheduling meetings or planning events.

MDaemon 9.0 also improves on its mobile groupware capabilities by allowing PocketPC users to share groupware folders. In addition, MDaemon supports mobility by displaying its content formatted for many other mobile devices, including Palm devices, mobile phones and even the Sony PSP!

WorldClient supports mobile devices


SyncML is an industry-standard protocol for platform-independent data synchronization. MDaemon 9.0 integrates a standards-compliant SyncML server which can be used to synchronize data such as contacts, ‘to do’ lists and calendars between MDaemon users and their PDA, cell phone, or other SyncML compliant source.


MDaemon 9.0 supports Active Directory monitoring. This means that MDaemon can automatically add, change and delete email accounts by detecting changes made within Active Directory. This allows a centralized location for account management.

MDaemon account properties can be taken from any combination of Active Directory properties using a simple and intuitive ‘mapping’ mechanism. Default settings allow for out-of-the-box operation. Accounts that are deleted from Active Directory can be handled in several ways within MDaemon, allowing you maximum flexibility. Most important of all, Active Directory schema files are not altered in any way by this process, thus removing the threat of irreversible change.

AD monitoring creates MDaemon accounts


The new release of MDaemon supports the most current working draft of the DKIM specifications. DKIM is an open protocol for protecting email users against email address identity theft and email message content tampering. It does this by authenticating the signing domain and verifying the integrity of the message content.


MDaemon 9.0 provides groupware address book support for Alt-N’s RelayFax 6.7, facsimile management server. RelayFax integrates the sending and receiving of facsimiles with almost any email server and is specifically designed to work with MDaemon.

MDaemon provides groupware functions natively through its WorldClient web mail server. These groupware functions provide for sharing items such as calendars, email, task lists and contacts. MDaemon also supports the collaborative functions of Outlook through Alt-N’s separately licensed Outlook Connector plug-in. News about the upcoming release of Outlook Connector 2.1 is available here.

The shared contacts are now available through the RelayFax 6.7 client application. News on RelayFax 6.7 is available here.


WebAdmin is now integrated into MDaemon and is no longer a separate download. WebAdmin provides web-based administrative access to almost all system configuration and account settings for MDaemon. Through web administration, the system administrator can change settings for the primary domain and sub domains, plus mailing lists and gateways, for example. One of the main advantages of web administration is giving domain administrators rights for configuring their own domains and accounts.

In addition, individual account holders can change many settings through WebAdmin. Both system and domain administrators can control who can change what through default and customized settings within their domains.


Beginning with MDaemon 9.0, the WorldClient web mail server has been UTF-8 enabled. Users can now access WorldClient without switching their browsers text encoding.

WorldClient is localized in 28-languages making MDaemon appealing to the international marketplace.


Beginning with MDaemon 9.0, MDaemon will no longer install or start on Windows 95, 98, ME, or NT. This change is needed because these older versions of Windows no longer provide the security and support required for running a full-featured and secure email server.


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