RelayFax 6.7 Offers Native Brooktrout Support, Global Scheduling
Groupware Addresses, DTMF Processing, More...

Grapevine, Texas—January 19, 2006—RelayFax 6.7, facsimile management software from Alt-N Technologies (, is available for download today. RelayFax integrates the sending and receiving of facsimiles with almost any email server. It works best with the MDaemon email server, also by Alt-N Technologies. RelayFax 6.7 includes major new features, plus updates to current technology.

The primary new feature of RelayFax 6.7 is a native engine for all Brooktrout facsimile boards. In addition, RelayFax 6.7 offers global scheduling configuration, groupware address book support for MDaemon, changes to DTMF processing and other fax handling options.

Using client-server technology, RelayFax enables local and remote users to share fax hardware accessible on computer networks, including LANs, WANs and the Internet. RelayFax allows computer users to send faxes with the ease and convenience of printing a document or sending an email. Incoming faxes are automatically emailed to the proper recipient(s) using Optical Character Recognition and/or user configurable routing rules. RelayFax combines professional features with beginner ease-of-use. It is designed for enterprises with few or no trained IT personnel. RelayFax also scales well for multiple-server applications.

For more details on RelayFax 6.7, see the Alt-N web site at


New for RelayFax 6.7 is native support for the complete line of Brooktrout facsimile boards. The installer allows you to select between older drivers and newer plug-and-play technology. The Alt-N RelayFax faxing engine supports all Brooktrout boards including the TR1034 Analog and the TR114 BRI products.


Scheduling allows you to control when to permit the sending of faxes. For example, you might allow faxing only during business hours.

RelayFax 6.7 allows you to set global scheduling for both regular and broadcast faxes.


Global scheduling for regular and broadcast faxes


Alt-N’s MDaemon email server provides groupware functions natively through its WorldClient web mail server. MDaemon can also connect to the collaborative functions of Outlook through Alt-N’s separately licensed Outlook Connector plug-in. These groupware functions provide for sharing items such as calendars, email, task lists and contacts.

All MDaemon contact lists are now available through the RelayFax 6.7 client application. This sharing requires MDaemon 9.0, which is currently in beta testing and scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2006. News on MDaemon 9 and beta testing participation are available at beta.


MDaemon groupware address book support


RelayFax can route facsimiles to extension numbers by using Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) technology when answering calls. With DTMF enabled, RelayFax listens for numbers to be dialed plus an extension separator character, such as 5551212@1234.

To add flexibility to DTMF processing, RelayFax 6.7 can interpret both the native ‘@’ character and the letter ‘x’ as the separator between the number and the extension. This means RelayFax can now process regular DTMF numbers such as 5551212@1234 or destinations that contain email addresses, such as 5551212x1234@your.domain.


Other features of RelayFax 6.7 include:

  • Additional routing rules to not include a cover page and to email the fax to the sender.
  • The global option to ‘wait this many seconds for fax machines to answer’ for CAPI devices.
  • Fax duration on reports adding together the sending times for faxes sent with multiple tries.
  • New icons to identify inbound, outbound and broadcast faxes.
  • A new automated ‘action’ to assign a billing code to outbound faxes.
  • Automatic extraction macros in the client to copy faxes to email addresses.
  • PDF encryption.
  • Multiple options for resending unsent pages.


Alt-N Technologies specializes in developing communications software for Internet, Intranet, WAN and LAN applications. Alt-N produces MDaemon, Outlook Connector for enabling Microsoft Outlook sharing through MDaemon, AntiVirus for MDaemon and RelayFax facsimile server, all separately licensed. LDaemon is a free LDAP server designed to work with Alt-N products. WebAdmin is a free product for configuring MDaemon through a web browser. All products come with professional features and beginner-level ease of use.

Products are sold and supported internationally through a network of exclusive distributors and resellers. Alt-N Technologies is a privately-held entity headquartered in Grapevine, Texas.

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