July 1, 2014

The Best MailStore of All Time: MailStore Server 9

MailStore releases the latest version of its email archiving solution for businesses.

Viersen, Germany - 1 July 2014 - MailStore Software GmbH, the German specialist for email archiving that meets all legal requirements, released the final version of MailStore Server 9 today. It is one of the world's most implemented solutions, with over 20,000 business customers.

New Dimension in Archiving Performance and Simplified Administration

Mailboxes are archived from email servers at a much faster rate in MailStore Server 9. In addition, an intelligent caching system and a new store hinting algorithm were implemented, reducing the time required for synchronizing emails in the mailbox with the emails already in the archive for Exchange EWS and IMAP to a minimum.

Administrators will also benefit from a new task manager, which is integrated completely into MailStore Server for the first time. It greatly simplifies the creation and scheduling of archiving tasks as well as the remote administration of the system. Additional improvements for administrators include an auto update feature of MailStore Client that eliminates the manual and group policy controlled update of the client software in most cases and makes backup and restore processes much easier.

"In addition to product improvements, many of the results from the development that took place over the last several years were incorporated into the recently released MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE). We believe that we can offer our customers one of the latest milestones in archiving technology with MailStore Server 9," says Tim Berger, founder and CEO of MailStore.

Improved Email Preview and New Auditing System

MailStore Server offers end users various options for accessing archived emails. These include Web Access, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Client, and an integrated IMAP server. Version 9 now also supports the HTML preview of emails for Web Access and the Outlook add-in. A whitelist-based HTML sanitizer, specifically developed for MailStore, provides the necessary security. Moreover, the display of recipients and file attachments has been significantly improved; this includes MailStore Client, too.

MailStore Server 9 can write event types defined by the administrator, such as a change in user permissions, not only in the Windows event log but also in the form of text files in a directory in the file system. MailStore Server 9 also has a special viewer with many sorting and filtering features, allowing the files to be easily accessed and quickly analyzed.


MailStore Server 9 is now available for download free of charge to all existing customers with active update and support service. MailStore Server 9 can also be downloaded as a free 30-day trial version at www.altn.com/Products/MailStore-Email-Archive-Server/.

About MailStore

MailStore, the owner-operated technology company based in Viersen, Germany, is considered one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of email archiving solutions. Over 20,000 companies and public and educational institutions in more than 100 different countries have placed their trust in the German specialists.

Since the beginning of the year, MailStore has also been offering the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), a solution developed specifically for providers who can then offer their customers email archiving that meets all legal requirements as a managed service.

MailStore Home is another product in the portfolio that allows individual users to archive their personal emails. MailStore Home currently has over one million users worldwide.

About Alt-N Technologies

Alt-N Technologies develops affordable and secure messaging, collaboration, and security software designed for, and trusted by, small-to-medium businesses in over 90 countries and 25 languages worldwide. The company's flagship solutions, the MDaemon Messaging Server and SecurityGateway for Email Servers, include the latest email security technologies and require minimal support and administration to operate and maintain. The company uses a network of global distributors and resellers for the sales and support of its products.


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